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How to handle anxiety at home

Video about anxiety Informational video about anxiety, part two: tips and strategies to better control our anxious states at home. Subscribe to our YouTube channel Visit our new section of Famous phrases to overcome anxiety
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Unemployment and the psychological problems that accompany it

Work is undoubtedly the main source of income and livelihood that most people have in order to maintain a home and move forward with a family. But in addition to this, several studies have shown that work also helps us achieve psychological and social well-being, since it imposes a time structure on us, implies having contact with people outside the family nucleus and sharing different experiences with them, providing status social and create habits and routines.
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The Helplessness Learned: the Overmier and Seligman experiment

Learned Helplessness Learned helplessness arose from a series of works in which Overmier and Seligman (1967) sought to study the interactions between classical conditioning and aversive instrumental conditioning. But, in fact, they discovered that when they exposed dogs to a series of inescapable electric shocks, as in classical conditioning, they were then unable to learn a new instrumental behavior as simple as the jump response to escape or avoid an electric shock.
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