Domestic Complications

Domestic Complications

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Here is a beautiful anecdote of daily life, which the good housewife solved in a minute, but that brought more than one mathematician to the limit of madness.

Smith, Jones and Brown were great friends. After the death of Brown's wife, her niece took over the house.

Smith was also a widower and lived with his daughter. When Jones got married, he and his wife suggested that everyone live together. Each individual in the group had to contribute $ 25 on the first of each month for expenses, and what was left over would be divided equally, at the end of the month.

The expenses for the first month were $ 92. When the surplus was distributed, each of them received the same number of dollars, without a fraction. How much money did each one receive and why?


Mrs. Jones was Smith's daughter and Brown's niece, so there were only 4 people in the house. $ 100 was raised, $ 92 was spent, and each received $ 2 when the surplus was distributed.