Let's talk about suicide

Let's talk about suicide

Talking about suicide has always been a taboo subject, both in society and in the media.

Unfortunately, there are almost one million suicides a year worldwide, and more than 4,000 in Spain alone. Ultimately it is family members who suffer from this unexpected loss and talk about suicide without fear, it is something that can be of great help to all people who have been affected in one way or another.

That is why today we want to offer you a great audiovisual feature encompassed in the genre of documentary and titled SUICIDE, which tells us about this terrible problem from the seriousness and without censorship, to help you understand a little better everything that surrounds this topic.

This is a brave feature designed to give this authentic health problem the visibility it deserves: every 40 seconds a person commits suicide in the world. It is a documentary also designed to fight against this social tendency to "look the other way" and that political tendency to "hide it under the carpet". You can not lose this.

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