Sex without commitment, advantages and disadvantages

Sex without commitment, advantages and disadvantages

Human sexuality if it is characterized by something is by its level of creativity, one could almost say that there are as many sexual variants as there are people. Although for most of the population enjoying sex means having a stable and monogamous partner, that does not mean that there are those who like to experience other types of relationships. Enjoying sex without committing to having a romantic relationship with the other person is a valid option. Sex does not always have to imply love.


  • 1 Sexuality and emotions
  • 2 Benefits of sex without commitment
  • 3 Dangers of sex without compromise

Sexuality and emotions

Although there are many people who believe that sex is an intimate bond that is established only with the loved one, we also find individuals who see sex as a way to have fun without the need to emotionally link to the other person. This type of relationship is not suitable for everyone and nothing happens for it. Having sex with someone does not mean you should fall in love with that someone. There are many and many who say that there is no commitment makes them enjoy sexual intercourse even more. It is likely to have to do with the adrenaline that is generated in this type of encounter.

In sex without commitment It is defined as a way to practice intimate relationships without ties, or any exclusivity and this makes for many people to become something really stimulating. This type of sex should not be understood as an overnight adventure or a blind date with a stranger, although these practices could also be included in sex without commitment. It refers more to an open relationship in which the only purpose is to have a fun time.

The use of condoms in this type of relationship becomes vital if we want to protect our health and that of others. As in all types of human relationships, this sexual behavior has a number of advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits of sex without commitment

Within the advantages we find that it has many benefits both at the psychological level and in the physical health of the person who performs it:

  • Increase self-esteem, knowing that we are attractive to someone makes the image of our self-concept improve.
  • Leaving aside the romanticism of the relationship, it is easier open to experience and explore sexual fantasies
  • Is a pleasant and therapeutic exercise. Practicing sex releases endorphins, if we practice sex regularly we will have access to this hormonal drug frequently. Endorphins help reduce stress and give us a feeling of well-being.
  • You don't lose independence. Not everyone likes commitment. This type of sex allows you to focus on other aspects of your life and at the same time allows you to live an active and satisfying sex life.
  • Having sex rejuvenatesIt is known that people who have quality sexual relations with a certain frequency appear between 5 and 7 years less
  • It improves the immune systemSeveral studies have confirmed that practicing sex improves the immune system and even fights the cold and the flu.
  • You exercise your body, it's sex is still a physical exercise, so cardiovascular health improvements (so the risk of heart attacks is reduced) and different muscle areas are worked
  • Help you sleep better. This is because after sexual activity the body releases serotonin and stimulates the production of melatonin, which is the hormone responsible for sleep and circadian rhythms.

Dangers of sex without compromise

Apart from the advantages, there are also a number of drawbacks that have to be taken into account:

  • If sex without commitment is a infidelity, in the event that our partner finds out it could have devastating consequences on the relationship.
  • Some people practicing this type of sex can feel empty since there is no emotional bond that would be in a conventional relationship.
  • If it is carried out with a friend or acquaintance, it must be make the limits of the relationship very clear, since it is quite easy for emotional ties to intensify and the relationship affected

You could say that sexual encounters without compromise can become a parenthesis in our daily routines, in a time to enjoy and be ourselves. It is a time to free ourselves and enjoy the pleasure that sex gives us without tying ourselves to the other person.

And finally some sentences extracted from the book The science of sex Pere Estupinyà in which you reflect on this type of sex;

“Cultural changes are slow, but it seems that there is a growing social and media acceptance of sexual permissiveness in Western societies, we are moving towards a greater normalization of the separation between sexual pleasure and love (…) Reporting is much better than restricting, and with the current protection methods (…) we must promote an education that fosters the healthy development of sexuality from all its diversity, risks and wealth. ”

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