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Our brain, the best computer in the world

Our brain, the best computer in the world

Our brain is one of the greatest natural wonders we know, and it has amazing beauty and complexity

The takes care of our thoughts as well as satisfying our most primitive needs; He is the one in charge of supervising the whole functioning of the human body.

Among the functions performed by the brain are memory, perception, language, attention, thought, etc.

The most evolved part of the brain is the cerebral cortex; the cerebral cortex, which can be called "new brain" due to its relatively recent evolution, the outermost part of the brain and is formed by a tissue with many folds, folds and convolutions.

These folds and convolutions are due to the fact that the cortex is too large to fit smoothly inside the skull, this distribution is also because in this way there is a higher level of neuronal integration and therefore a more complex information processing .

The crust is divided into four sections that have been called lobes; These are the frontal lobes which are in charge of all the association part of the information that enters, as well as to program the motor activity, problem solving; He is responsible for the capacity of abstraction that we humans possess. The parietal lobes they are in charge of processing all the sensitive information of the body; the temporal lobes they take care of all the auditory information and together with the anterior part of the frontal lobe of language development and comprehension; Last but not least is the occipital lobe which is responsible for all visual information.

The human brain has several billion cells called neurons, and these have almost 100 trillion serial and parallel interconnections that provide the physical basis that allows brain function.

The language of neurons is executed through a complex electrochemical system, which is based on the circulation of neurotransmitters, which are chemicals found in all neurons. Neurotransmitters are important for the functioning and conservation of the vital functions of the brain and body. Thus, neurotransmitters are present in all the functions performed by the brain. It should be noted that neurotransmitters act to excite or inhibit the activity of neurons, that is, the neurotransmitter itself can cause a neuron to activate when it is secreted in a certain part of the brain or inhibit its activity when it occurs elsewhere.

Between the main neurotransmitters is acetylcholine (ACh is its chemical symbol). This substance is involved in all our movements, because among other things, it transmits messages related to our skeletal muscles, for example when we walk or do any movement the brain sends a message from the promoter areas that contains doses of this neurotransmitter. Another brain activity in which this neurotransmitter is involved is memory.

Another neurotransmitter is the serotonin, which performs various functions. It is associated with the regulation of sleep, food, mood and painIn fact, according to recent research, this neurotransmitter has been associated with diverse behaviors such as coping with stress, the alcoholism, the depression, the suicide and the aggression.

As we can realize the brain is the essential source of everything, but we cannot put aside the influence of the environment, nobody lives without environmental influences, just as nobody would live without a biological structure.

The brain has marked the border line between animals and man; from his evolution man began to develop unimaginable skills, thanks to this it was that man built the first tools.

If someone tried to design a computer that simulated the capabilities of the brain, the task would be almost impossible, in fact it has been seen that even approaching its operation is an extremely difficult task, the brain is an extremely wonderful organ and is a sample of the complex and fascinating that nature can be.

Hernán Felipe Ospina

Anatomy and brain functions

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